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Food Challenges For Children With Food Allergies

Bysonal gupta

Oct 18, 2023

Food challenges can be beneficial for children with a food allergy. They can help doctors manage their allergies based on real life experiences and increase quality of life for families with food allergies.

Prior to the appointment, your child’s care team at Riley at IU Health will instruct you to bring in a “mixing food” (such as pudding, apple juice or applesauce) and the challenge food.

2. Oreo Challenge

As any parent knows, Oreo cookies and ice cold milk go hand in hand. This easy and fun food challenge is a great way to bring the whole family together for some quality time.

You’ve probably seen the Oreo Challenge on TikTok, where contestants race to move an Oreo cookie from their forehead to their mouth without touching it with their hands. It requires a lot of face muscles, but it’s surprisingly doable if you tilt your head in the right direction and repeat the same motion over and over again.

Oreo’s savvy marketing team also used social media influencers to create videos of themselves dunking Oreos in a glass of milk, giving their audience an authentic glimpse into the Oreo experience. The resulting videos were both entertaining and informative, and made this food challenge a hit with Oreo fans.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge

Who says ice cream sandwiches have to be the classic round or rectangular shape? Contestant Yohann Le Bescond was inspired by his favorite summer memories to create a sandwich with a fun inlay and a novelty shape. He layered lemon blueberry vanilla ice cream between two lemon sable cookies and added a water droplet inlay, plus almond lemon streusel trim rolled around the edges of the ice cream.

The judges praised the bakers for their unique shapes and play with color and design. The judges also liked how each baker made their own cookies, which were a welcome change from the prepackaged options found in many supermarkets.

If you’re interested in trying the challenge yourself, head to Barrington’s, Stagioni or Good Food. Once you complete three of the challenges, return your punch card to any Moffett Restaurant Group location for a free dessert and a chance to vote for your favorites.

5. Gummy Challenge

Food challenges are very popular online, especially amongst younger generations. A big meal challenge is when someone attempts to eat the most amount of food in a short period of time. This has become a popular activity at restaurants, and it can be very difficult to complete.

Another type of food challenge is when people attempt to eat an entire jar or bottle of pickles. This is a very challenging activity, and it can be dangerous for some people. The person who takes this challenge must eat the entire jar of pickles without spitting any of them out. This is not recommended by medical professionals.

Gummy challenges are also very popular online. In these videos, people are shown eating a large amount of gummy food and real food items. The first person to finish the challenge wins. This is an exciting activity that is great for family and friends to enjoy.

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