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Fashion and Lifestyle Trends in Children’s Clothing Follow Disney Trends


Jun 4, 2023

Fashion and lifestyle trends in children?s clothing follow Disney trends. These days, kids want to wear t-shirts that feature their favorite cartoon characters.

Getting ready for an outing with your kids can be fun, but planning is another ordeal altogether. Here are some of the best tips to help you plan for a trip with your kids.

  1. Animal Prints

Kids animal print clothes bring a breath of fresh air to their wardrobes, breaking away from the traditional palette of block colors and neutral prints. Whether they are wearing a zebra-print top to pick up their frappuccino at Starbucks or a cheetah-print swimsuit to splash about at the beach, these kids clothes make for fun fashion statements that make them stand out from the crowd.

Animal patterns have been used in clothing and other fashion since ancient times, with kings using exotic animal skin rugs as a symbol of wealth and royalty. Later, women such as Eartha Kitt, Jayne Mansfield and Zsa Zsa Gabor wore exotic pattern dresses as part of the bohemian movement in the 60s. Animal prints have continued to be a popular fashion trend ever since.

  1. Layering

One of the best ways to dress kids for cold weather is by layering. This allows pockets of air to be trapped between layers of clothing, keeping them warm. It also makes it easy for them to add or remove a jacket when their body temperature changes.

When dressing children in cold conditions, remember the rule of thumb that it is better to put on one more layer than an adult would wear in the same weather. This is because wearing too many layers can cause sweating which will make them wet, making them colder.

A good choice for the base layer is a soft, cotton shirt that will keep sweat away from their skin. This will be followed by a middle layer of fleece or other water-resistant material to regulate their body heat and an outer shell that protects against snow and wind chill.

  1. Cropped Jackets

Women’s crop jackets are a great option for transitional weather. Some days are too warm for a full-on coat, but by nighttime you may freeze without a few extra layers.

A cropped blazer with a flowy top will create a casual outfit that looks polished and chic. Pair it with a pair of dark wash jeans, brown ballet flats and a black Furla handbag for an effortlessly cool look.

For pear shaped ladies, it is important to find a cropped jacket with some shape that accentuates the waist. Avoid boxy styles that can bypass the waist and make you look wide, squat and disproportionate. This style is also flattering for tall ladies, as it will elongate the torso. It should be fitted in the shoulders and cinched around the waist with large buttons.

  1. Joggers & Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been around for quite some time and have gotten a fresh update thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa. Although they were once associated with tacky tourist dressing, this trend is now gaining ground on the runway and in everyday wear.

To add a touch of Disneybounding to your OOTD, opt for a cute matching set consisting of a white button-down shirt and khaki cargo pants with a pair of sneakers and a fanny pack. This outfit might border on a pajama look, but the shoes and fanny pack help to mellow out the aesthetic. If you’re looking for a casual option, try joggers with zippered and pocket details that are ideal for kicking back in comfort. You can shop comfy travel pants at Amazon for as little as $13 from top-rated, reviewer-loved brands.

  1. Drawstrings

During the 1970s, children wore long pointed collars that came down almost to their shoulders. This style was a hit with boys and girls alike.

Drawstrings are a hidden hazard that can cause serious injury or death to young children. Hood and waist drawstrings can become entangled on playground equipment or bus doors. The CPSC has found that entanglement of drawstrings on children?s upper outerwear accounted for many of the 18 deaths and 38 nonfatal injuries associated with hood/neck drawstrings.

In addition to joggers and cargo pants, clothing styles that come in a coordinated set are another popular fashion trend. Coordinating sets include a skirt and top, blazer and a pair of shorts, or a tee and a skirt. Matching outfits are great for creating a refined, balanced look.

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