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Words With Friends 2 Game Review


May 11, 2023

Words With Friends 2 is a Scrabble-like game that tests players’ vocabulary skills. It’s free to play, but in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Zynga updates Words With Friends 2 often, including new special events and new game modes. But the biggest change is its newly designed UI.


Words With Friends 2 is a sequel to the original mobile game, which was first released in 2009. It’s a multiplayer crossword-puzzle style game that is similar to Scrabble. Players take turns building words and scoring points by placing them on a board in front of them.

It’s an addictive pick-up-and-go mobile word game that can be played alone or with friends and family. Millions of people have been playing it across devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook.

The game offers several modes, including solo challenges and a lightning round. It also has power-ups, which give you hints on the best words to play.

A key feature of the game is the ability to challenge friends and family in one-on-one matches. You can look for them by username, through Facebook or use a “Smart Match” that randomly assigns you an opponent. You can then play against them on their device or in a browser.


Words With Friends 2 is the latest game in Zynga’s line of mobile word games, and it brings a variety of new features. One of the most notable is a new solo challenge mode that uses AI to improve your word skills.

Another feature is a revamped social dictionary that includes 50,000 words suggested by players. It also offers usage stats so you can see how well your word choices stack up against others’.

In addition to that, you can now play play online slots here  against other people from all over the world. It’s called “Smart Match,” and it’s an option that you can turn on or off if you want.

You can also play against themed characters in the new Solo Challenges, which are a great way to practice and earn rewards. The opponents in these challenges will get harder as you advance. They are also kept fresh with themes, such as famous female scientists and rock bands on tour.


Achievements are an important part of Words With Friends 2. These achievements award players for completing specific in-game actions.

Every time a player completes an achievement, they are awarded pages that fill their books. When a book is full, a new level will open up.

The game also offers daily challenges that are tailored to the player’s skill level and challenge them to win more games and earn more achievements. They can be viewed in the “Daily Goals” menu.

There are many types of achievements available in Words With Friends 2. These can include incremental and standard achievements.


Words With Friends is a popular turn-based word best real money online pokies game that’s enjoyed by players of all ages. It’s an addictive, social game that can be played against one person or a team of up to six people, and it comes with many cool in-game features, like the ability to swap letters and view the tile bag for remaining tiles.

It’s also got a built-in chat feature that can be used to exchange messages while playing the game. Unfortunately, some players — especially those who aren’t deemed adults — use this chat function to flirt with other players.

This is a dangerous practice, as these fraudsters may ask for money or affection or even request that you change the conversation to an off-platform messaging app, such as Google Hangouts. They might also include a sob story to persuade you to do so.


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