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Zulutrade Review – A Tremendously Resourceful Platform for Investors

How successful you are with your trading endeavors depends a great deal on the resources you have available on the platform you choose. For this reason, you have to be very picky with the company you choose for your trading needs. Rather than focusing on how much profit you can make, you should focus on resources that can help you learn to be profitable with your trades. I think I have found such a platform and this Zulutrade review is about it.

On this platform, you will find resources to help you with your trades in addition to technology that is unmatched on any other platform. It’s a place for modern traders to trade in a way like never before and I am sure you will agree with me when you read more about Zulutrade in this review.

Plenty of Educational Resources

You must have seen that when you join an online broker, you are offered all sorts of educational material. However, this training material makes sense in the case of a broker but not when you are joining a copy trading platform. I haven’t seen many that are willing to educate you on trading and provide you with all the materials that can help you with your trades. On this platform, you have a great collection of trading tools that you can use to be more consistent with your predictions and market analyses. Whether you are a fan of technical or fundamental analysis, you will find these tools to be greatly helpful.

In addition to eBooks and videos, you have many other tutorials that explain to a particular trading concept. If you are interested in knowing the latest market trends, news, and other happenings, I am sure you will find plenty of material in the Knowledge Crunch section of the website.

Many Social Trading Features

Social trading allows you to copy trades of other expert traders who have been trading for many years and are considered among the best in the industry. When you copy their trades, you are actually simulating their actions. If they are profitable with their trades, you will profit too. The best part is that you pay them for their services only when you make a profit on your trades. In addition to that, there are some other social trading features that really make this platform stand out. For example, you can use ZuluGuard that removes a trader from your list of followed traders if their trading patterns are going against your preferences.

The part that I love the most about copy trading on this platform is that you are not completely blind from what you are doing. Yes, you are copying some of the best traders, but do you know why they are making the decisions they are making?Zulutrade allows you to interact with these traders to learn from them. To give you a properly social environment, it also allows you to interact with other investors.

Get Help from the Best

Not many reviewers talk about this feature as a resource but I do. I’m stating this from my personal experience that there is no resource more valuable than the customer support department of a company. First, you want to find out if they are trained to help you. Secondly, you want to know how many ways you can contact them in. When on this platform, you will be able to contact them in three ways. You can email them, call them, or even start a live chat session on the website. They are willing to help you 24/5.

Final Thoughts

If you are currently with a broker, you can still join Zulutrade and begin trading with more resources than ever. More importantly, you can follow those who know what they are doing, are usually successful with their trades, and are also willing to share their knowledge with you so you can become as good as them.

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