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Top Reasons to Choose Fiber Internet

There was a time when the only option people had was to use copper cables for their internet connections. While fiber internet has been around for more than five decades, it was quite expensive and this had been an obstacle in its growth. But, times have changed significantly and the demand for high speed internet has made fiber optic transmission the go-to choice. It has also become quite reasonable over the years due to which it should be given preference when you are looking for an internet connection.

If you are unsure, here are some important reasons to choose fiber internet for your home, or business.

Reason 1: The speed

First and foremost, fiber internet is far better than copper when it comes to speed because the latter is not even remotely close. Tiny strands of glass make up fiber optic cables and they use light pulses, which allows them to carry about 60 terabits of data per second. This is only slightly slower than the speed of light, while copper cables can carry about 10 gigabits per second. Thus, when you are looking for high speed internet, there is no better choice than fiber.

Reason 2: The reach

If you want to send a signal over long distance, fiber internet is your answer. Copper cables are a good choice for distances of about 100 meters, but fiber optics can do so for about 25 miles. In addition, fiber is able to carry data with less signal loss or attenuation.

Reason 3: The reliability

The problem with copper cables is that they are susceptible to electrical surges and interference because they are electrical conductors. In contrast, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is not an issue with fiber internet because a process called total internal reflection is used for carrying the light signals. This means there are no electrical interruptions when you transmit data. It is also immune to changes in temperature, moisture or severe weather, all of which are known to hamper connectivity in the case of copper cables.

Reason 4: The security

Since there are no electronic signals involved, fiber internet can offer you a lot more security because they cannot be tapped into. Even if a cable is damaged or compromised, it is easier to identify and this can help you take immediate steps.

Reason 5: The cost

Even though the cost of fiber has come down significantly, it still may cost more than copper cables. But, you also have to consider the interference, hidden costs, replacement and maintenance costs and also the risk of tampering. When you think about these issues, you will come to see that fiber can be a much better and safer choice in the long run.

Reason 6: The support

You will find that fiber internet is capable of offering support to most of the network devices that are in use these days because they need higher speeds, more bandwidth and a reliable internet connections.These include VOIP systems, digital signage and security cameras, amongst others, making it the right choice.

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