• Wed. Apr 10th, 2024

Essential and Useful Accessories for Kitchen

Whether you are planning to cook for one or entertain guests, it is crucial to have some essential kitchen accessories. Cheese boards, slicers, and markers make entertaining a breeze. Melon ballers make making fruit salads a breeze, and they double as a cookie scoop, too. Peelers keep vegetables clean and produce beautiful spirals for raw salads. These kitchen tools are also incredibly useful for cleaning up afterward.

A food processor with switchable disks is another essential kitchen tool. With the right blades, you can shred block cheese, slice stick pepperoni, and more! This kitchen gadget is a lot cheaper than buying pre-shredded cheese from the store. You can even use it to make peanut butter and mayonnaise. And you can chop countless vegetables with its many accessories. It’s one of the most versatile kitchen tools you can buy.

A swan-shaped ladle makes it easy to pour punch for parties. A cheerful manatee perches on the edge of your tea cup, serving as a tea infuser. Nesting kitchenware sets are another good idea, as they include two mixing bowls, a stainless steel colander, and a sieve. And don’t forget a set of measuring spoons and cups.

Various other useful accessories include a hooded salt box or pig, which are wide-mouthed vessels with lids. They’re usually made of wood or ceramic, and their wide mouths make them easy to access the salt and prevent dust from settling in. Some of them even come with lids, which make them even better for storage. They’re also great for flipping large pieces of food or moving ingredients around safely.

Block knife sets can be convenient but don’t come with all the knives you’ll need. If you want to buy a knife for your kitchen, consider getting the Nakiri chef knife, which is a lovely, sturdy workhorse. You’ll also need a paring knife, which is useful for small jobs and garnishing cocktails. And, of course, measuring spoons are essential for measuring small amounts. Look for one with easy-to-read labels and a ring for easy cleaning.

A good colander is essential for any minimalist kitchen. If you don’t have a colander, you might want to invest in a stainless steel 5-quart colander with ergonomic non-slip feet and handles. It’s also handy for drying out your dishes, as well as being an extra set in case of spills. Investing in a vegetable peeler will also save you a lot of time when preparing vegetables.

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