• Sat. May 25th, 2024

iPhone Features in Android

If you are one of the millions of Android users and have been wondering when Apple plans to release the iOS version of their operating system, worry no more. With iOS 14, the iPad will be getting a new feature called picture-in-picture. With this new feature, you can use other applications while watching a video. Android phones have had picture-in-picture for a long time, but Apple added the feature in iOS 14 so that users can enjoy its convenience while using their phone.

Apple hasn’t advertised this new feature very much, but it’s coming. Unlike Android, iOS 14 will let you set your default apps, allowing you to access them even when you’re not using them. This feature has been available on Android for some time, but Apple hasn’t advertised it. Video recording has also been available on iPhones for a long time, but you can’t do the same on Android. However, Google has been working on adding this feature to Android, which will be available as part of Android 11.

Always-on displays have been a popular feature on Android phones for years, but Apple has resisted adding it to the iPhone. Android phone makers have been able to include it on their phones for years, so Apple’s reluctance to add it to its devices is surprising. However, Android phone makers have been adding the feature in their flagship models, and iPhone users may find it useful as it saves battery life.

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